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Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

I have exciting news to share! At long last, I can now add “Author” to my list of artistic credentials. I am thrilled about the completion of my book, Always the Song Struggling to be Heard.

My Memoir is a passion project, channeling my musical life’s journey of the past 22 years in the Music Business. I draw upon personal experience and thoughtful observation in a revealing style, offering my readers reflection on a range of issues as I navigated through difficult and harrowing challenges in my music career.

Always the Song Struggling to be Heard, is a must read for anyone with a dream and a hunger for their piece of the pie! It’s a guide and reference, and a compelling story of my difficult, yet magical ride, as I strived to be heard. It teaches and inspires everyone that, through tenacity and hard sacrifice, they can find their own voice in the world and to never give up on their cherished dreams! I can’t wait until each of you have your own copy in hand. 

Thank you for your loving and generous support throughout my career. Words cannot express my sincere appreciation.

If you’re interested in your own copy of my book, please click the Buy button to the left and enjoy!

All my best,
tte Blakeney

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